Our team

the Gender Racing Team

Our team’s history is more than 10 years long. The word team order is unknown, the vibe is homely and friendly, so that the devotion and the Fair play is natual.
Our main goal besides racing is to scout young talents and giving them the professional background, in order to reach their goals in motorsport. Our cars are Formula Renault 2.0, with six gear sequentional gearbox worldwide known and liked race cars. 480 kg, 200 ph performance. Thanks to the good constriction, they are not only liked in Hungary, but they used them all around the world in the highest levels of motorsport championships – such as in the World Series by Renault which was one of the most popular hall of Formula 1.

Team chief

Gender Tamás

From a childhood passion, it became work and devotion: Tamás Gender Tóth, the team chief of Gender Racing Team can call himself very lucky, because his reality is only a dream for many people, his love is the job he does. He is the main engine of Gender Racing Team for more than a decade now. The story has came a long way, because Tamás is part of the Hungarian motorsport community for such a long time now with his own team as well. According to him, he does not race, because for him it would not be ethical to be in the shoes of the racing driver and the team chief at the same time, moreover, he would have to race with his own drivers, who are also friends to him. he considers himself a lucky person, because he can do what he loves to do. He had more jobs along the way, but those come and go. Only thing is for ever in his life is motorsport.

Our cars

a Gender Racing Team

Dallara F313 Toyota F3

Type: Carbonfiber monocoque


Type: TOM's Toyota 3SGE
Engine capacity: 1998 ccm
Max powes: 240hp (179 kW)
Top speed: 260 km/h


6 gear sequential


Rear wheel

Brake system:
6 cylinder caliper


Fuel tank capacity: 38 litres

Weight: 580kg


Formula Renault 2.0 2008

Type: Carbon fibre monocoque


Type: F4R 832 - 4 cylinders - 16 valves
Engine capacity: 1998 ccm
Max Power: 196 hp at 7,000rpm
Max Torque: 220Nm at 4,750rpm
Max Rev: 7,000rpm


Sadev 6-gear sequential + reverse


Aluminum, front 13x9’’, rear 13x10’’


Length / Width / Height: 4,363 / 1,733 / 963mm

Wheelbase: 2,645mm

Fuel tank capacity: 38 litres

Weight: 490kg


Formula Renault 2.0 2013


Type: F4R 832 - 4 Cylinders- 16 Valves
Engine capacity: 1998 ccm
Max Power: 210 hp at 7,500rpm
Max Torque: 220Nm at 7,500rpm
Max rev: 7,500rpm


Sadev 7-gear sequential + reverse


Felni: aluminum, front 13x9’’, rear 13x10’’ Size

Length / Width / Height: 4,363 / 1,733 / 963mm

Wheelbase: 2,730mm

Front / rear rut: 1,502 / 1,440mm

Fuel tank capacity: 50 litres

Weight: 506kg