Love, true passion, professional humility, dedication, hard work, innovation. These are our values at Gender Racing Team. Our mission is to live, race and face all the challenges guided by these principles, to build up opportunities in the future.

We do not apply team orders. We purely exist to race and provide young talented drivers with opportunity to gain valuable experience and help them continually develop as we provide the highest quality service, facilities and value for our members, customers, partners and the community in order to maximise the team’s reputation from our racing and events for the benefit of the club, its members, the racing industry and partners.

One for all and all for one – on the track and beyond.



Flashback, Our results:

In 2012 László Eszenyi became the champion of the category, his teammate Zsolt Balogh finished the season as vice champion. In the following year the row of success continued and Márk Királykúti won the championship while László Eszenyi took the silver.
In the last year we made a bigger step: beside László we have started the season with three newcomers, giving chances for Zoltán Balogh, the Danish Casper Thomsen, and Tamás Rónai.
Our decision got verified when the absolute beginner in the Formula car sport, Tamás Rónai this extraordinary, young talent, won the championship after a whole season exciting competition against László.

We face this season with regards to these results, and only higher expectations!