Marcell Sziklay-Toldi finished with a good result in Bruck, Austria

Marcell Sziklay-Toldi finished the SKP - GTC joint competition in Bruck, Austria, in August with a good result, first place in the Hungarian classification and 7th place in overall.

In the KZ category there were 21 competitors, junior and senior competitors started together. In qualifying, the Gender Racing Team driver finished in the 7th overall, after a bad start in the first race. In the first corner, he collided with the kart in front of him and the front spoiler came off. The start of the second race went well for him, he finished in 5th position and fought with his rivals for 3rd-4th-5th places throughout the race, and finally the GRT kart finished in 5th position, 0.03 seconds behind the 4th place. He also managed to set the overall 3rd best lap time in the race and won the Hungarian classification.