Heat, 4 Podium Finishes, 2 Days

The season continued at the Pannonia Ring.

Gender Racing Team had to face challenges against the competition as well as the heat . Tamas Toth has mixed feelings after race 3 and 4.

„The circumstances were really challenging as the heat was incredible, which prompts even the hardest of tyres to overheat. I am happy with the team. Mark did not make one mistake all weekend. He missed first place due to issues with the tyres. Laci misjudged his breaking distance which cost him his entire race, but we have already gone through the error detail by detail. Feri Ratkai is getting more and more used to his car. He took 3rd place on the podium on the 4th race of his life.”

Mark Kiralykuti came 1st in his category on Saturday. Sunday, however, he only achieved 2nd place due to a new set of tyres.

„I have never driven on this track before, but I like it. The bends are very sharp and unforseeable. The heat was overwhelming and I could get to race with the bigger cars as well. I was the best in category on Saturday. Sunday we had to swap for a different set of tyres, due to which I could only take 2nd place.”

Laszlo Eszenyi came 2nd on Saturday, whilst he had to follow the rest of the race standing by the track on Sunday.

„We had a very exhausting, very demanding day on Saturday. Atfer the planned practice we were facing a highly competitive race. After having made a mistake, another racer had taken over. It was hard work to regain my position. I had a bad day on Sunday. The race did not work out well. I made a mistake after the 2nd or 3rd lap, and I ended up off-track. But, we could not embrace success without bad days. ”

The fact that Ferenc Ratkai could take 3rd place on the podium proves his successful bonding with the car. ’Today’s race was much better than yesterday. The results prove the exact same thing: I took 3rd place on the podium. My start was very successful, I gained 3 or 4 positions, of which 2 was lost after the second bend due to the crowd. I enjoyed the race very much. The teams are continuing the race at the Slovakia Ring in August.