László Szász won with two track records in Cazin

László Szász was back in action at the FIA CEZ Cup, setting two track records for the eighth time in one weekend in Bosnia and Herzegovina, winning the race. The Gender Racing Team driver started in Cazin on a technical track, which asphalt was made absolutely suitable for racing cars at Western European level a few years ago. 

 „I am happy with the weekend, because I really managed to get the expected result here, despite the fact that the race started with a few problems. We arrived in Cazin at dawn on Saturday, waiting for the tyres to arrive. So I wasn't very well rested when the free practice started on the Bosnian track, where I had already been the fastest driver. We struggled for a while with the set-up and tyres, but then everything went according to plan and I can say that I was able to achieve the result I had expected," said the hereditary Hungarian champion, whose next race will be in the European Championship in Ilisrika Bistrica, Slovenia, in early September. Keep on cheering for GRT's Laszlo Szász, the hereditary Hungarian champion!