Podium, Podium & Progression

New season, new hope, new racers.

Laszlo Eszenyi has continued to work with the team and in addition, Mark Kiralykuti and Ferenc Ratkai have joined. The season’s first weekend saw the team complete two rounds. Captain Tamas Toth is proud of his team.

„We have two new racers this season: Mark Kiralykuti and Ferenc Ratkai. Laszlo Eszenyi is an experienced team member. Nobody could beat Mark and Laci in their category. Ferenc Ratkai, my third racer is getting familiar with the car, but has already set off. I am happy and I expect similar results.”

Mark Kiralykuti returned to racing after a year’s break. He came first at the Hungaroring weekend.

„My neck muscles feel a bit weird after a year’s break.It is very important for me to get back in shape. It suddenly started raining around one of the bends whilst on the other side, the track was completely dry. I managed to put some pressure even on the bigger cars in the rain.”

Laszlo Eszenyi came second in his category both days, and he was a real threat fort he bigger cars as well. Not only the rain, but another racer also caused some excitement for Laszlo on the Sunday.

„The rain added to the excitement. It gave me the opportunity to put more pressure on bigger cars. At the last bend of the penultimate lap, one of the racers had thought it was a good idea to break over another car from 10 meters. He had run into me, the entire left side of my car had fallen off, so I had to tip-toe my way through the finish line. You are usually only fully satisfied with a first place, but second will do as an opening for the season.”

Ferenc Ratkai progressed forward step by step and started to bond with the car. The teams will continue the season at the Pannonia Ring in the middle of June.