Gender Tamás Junior is about to turn his raw speed into successes

 Gender Tamás Junior is about to turn his raw speed into successes.

At the weekend The IAME Series X30 category takes place at the Adria International Raceway in Italy, which is one of his favourite teack. Among the best go-kart drivers of Europe, a Hungarian boy will appear take part as well. Gender Tomika has already started to gather rounds on the track yesterday, and he closed the test day on the top. Of course, successes never appear miraculously comes out of the blue, yet the driver and the staff puts a lot of effort into the preparation. With the lead of Felice Tiene team chief and with the professional support of the Team Driver team works Tomika works on his technique continuously, and he is determined to reach the top in every single race. This is the goal at the Adria Raceway as well, so the Italian engineers are sending the teenage boy with a new chassis into the circuit. The goal is to gain more and more speed even from the very first trainings, and to finish the laptiming and the races on the top of the field. The test results today give us hope in the upcoming. You can follow Gender Tamás Junior's performance live and stream here: http://IAME Series Italy