After a three-year break László Szász is back to Rechberg

After a three-year break - also due to Covid-19 - László Szász is back to Rechberg. The hereditary Hungarian champion with the diamond helmet will arrive on Thursday, as the only European mountain race in Austria starts on Friday. The end of April was already a promising date, as the European championship has only just started, so the number of participants was expected to be high, which proved to be the case, as more than 250 competitors, 40 formula cars and 15 drivers per class will take to the fast and technical track. The race is also part of the Austrian national hill climb championship and the Slovenian and Slovak national championships.

The competitor of the Gender Racing Team, László Szász said that he is looking forward to the race with nostalgia, as he has been on the top step of the podium several times before, but there are also several cars in the field that are technically stronger than his car. - For me it's an advantage that the track is not unfamiliar, but there is an Italian driver in the field who is coming to Austria as a semi-professional driver, so obviously he has a very good technical preparation," said László Szász, who will be do a track walk on Friday ahead of Sunday's two races. The Hungarian driver will also test the car at the Pannonia Ring this week to ensure he arrives in Rechberg with the best possible technical preparation for the 4.4-kilometre circuit, which has a 6.03 per cent gradient and a track width of at least 5 metres. After the race, László Szász will travel on to Poland for the next race.